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AOC Champagne Millésime machine translated reference / legal text

This text was automatically translated, so the grammar may be a little strange. We hope this text still proves useful.

- Year Decree of April 18, 1997 modifying the decree of October 17, 1952 relating to the controlled label of origin - J.O Number 97 of April 25, 1997

Art 1st. -

The wine with appellation contrôlée “Champagne” will be able to carry the indication of the year if it meets the following conditions: has) To titrate 11° at least actual alcoholic strength at the exit of the wine storehouses of handling; b) To come from existing availabilities out of wine of the year considered such as they appear with the separate account envisaged in article 4; c) not to exceed the limit of 80% of the quantities of wine of the year considered, bought or collected by the trader or vine grower shipper.

Art 2. (Replaced D. April 18, 1997) -

One year could be used for the sale of the Champagne wine only three years after its pulling.

Art 3. -

The year will have obligatorily to appear on the stopper and the label or the flange, or on any other part of the preparing, except for any label pass key not bearing the name of handling or the mark like its serial number at the interprofessional Committee of the Champagne wine. Mention of the year will have also to be made on the sale invoices and the tenders of removal.

Art 4. -

Each handling a separate account will hold recapitulating its exits per year annually and establishing, at the end of the exercise, a ventilation of its stock per year of origin.

Art 5. -

A titrates transitory, the wines held in cellars at the date of this decree will have, to be sold under one year, to be listed and approved by the interprofessional Committee of the Champagne wine. This organization will appreciate, by all parts that it will be made present and by all other means, including the analysis and tasting, if the wine meets the conditions defined in the article first above and deserves to be vintage. Its refusal will open the grounds for appeal envisaged by the texts governing the aforementioned Committee. Warning: Information pré senté be on this site are the subject of a clause of nonresponsabilité INAO_19521017_2002/11/2006 Downloadable document: AOC_Champagne_-_Millesime_-_1997.doc