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EDVR Eau-de-vie de vin de Bourgogne machine translated reference / legal text

This text was automatically translated, so the grammar may be a little strange. We hope this text still proves useful.


Art 1st. -

(Supplemented, D. n° 48.192 of the 31 janv.) - Only will be able to profit from the denomination “wine brandy of Burgundy” the brandies of wines and wines of deposit answering the conditions hereafter enumerated and coming from wines or wines of deposits collected and distilled on the territory of wine Burgundy, in the departments of Coast-in Or, Yonne, Saone-et-Loire and in the district of the Villefranche-on-Saone in the Rhone like on the territories of the following communes of the district of Lyon: Bully, Nuelles, Sarcey, Saint-Germain-on-the Arbresle and Arbresle (left located at north Turdine).

Art 2. -

(Modified, D. n° 48.190 of the 31 janv.) - the wine brandies of Burgundy will have to come from wines showing the characteristics of a healthy, honest and commercial wine, vinified in accordance with the local, honest and constant uses, other than the damaged wines, of bad taste, or wines of deposit in good condition of conservation. In all the cases, the wines implemented must not have a volatile acidity, expressed in sulphuric acid, higher than 1,20 gr. per liter.

Art 3. -

The brandies regulated by this decree will have to come from wines or wines of deposit resulting from type of vines authorized by any from the decrees defining the appellation contrôlées from Burgundy.

Art 4. -

The brandies regulated by this decree will have to be distilled by means of stills with pass by again or of stills with first discontinuous or continuous jet heated with naked fire or with the vapor of a maximum capacity of 200 raw material hl by twenty-four hours.

Art 5. -

The brandies regulated by this decree will have to present the following degrees of alcohol (at 15° C): 1° (Modified, D. Oct 12, 1955) - On the outlet side of the apparatuses: 71° G.L to the maximum. 2° (Modified D. 27 janv. 1951) - At the time of the sale to the consumer: 40° G.L at least. In all the cases, they must at least have a content nonalcohol of 300 G per hectolitre of pure alcohol. They will be subjected to the appreciation of interprofessional commissions tasters appointed by the national committee of the labels of origin under conditions which will be fixed by decree of the Minister for agriculture.

Art 6. -

In the establishments where, using the same apparatuses, the alcohols reserved for the State and brandies regulated by this decree would be manufactured, one month a minimum time will have to be run out between this two manufacture.

Art 7. -

The words “wine brandies of Burgundy” will have obligatorily to be reproduced on the declarations of harvest and distillation, the parts of control, labels, packing, containers, invoices, advertisements and all other trade papers concerning of brandies regulated by this decree. It, moreover, will be allowed to make there appear the name of a label of origin controlled of this area, under the condition which the brandy considered comes from wines or wines of deposit resulting from grape harvest answering completely the conditions imposed by the decree from control from the label of origin in question. Like mention of guarantee, the only words “regulated by decree” are authorized and could be associated with name “brandy of wine of Burgundy”.

Art 8. -

The use of any indication or any sign likely to make believe in the purchaser that a wine brandy is entitled to the denomination regulated above whereas it does not answer all the conditions envisaged by this decree, will be continued in accordance with the general legislation on the frauds and the protection of the labels of origin (art 1st and 2 of the law of August 1, 1905, art 8 of the law of May 6, 1919, art 13 of the decree of August 19, 1921), without damage of the sanctions of a tax nature, if it is necessary, and will make lose with this brandy the benefit of the paragraph C of the law of January 13, 1941. Warning: Information pré senté be on this site are the subject of a clause of nonresponsabilité INAO_19460411_52702/11/2006 Downloadable document: EDVR_Eaux-de-vie_de_vin_de_Bourgogne__.doc