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AOC Pauillac machine translated reference / legal text

This text was automatically translated, so the grammar may be a little strange. We hope this text still proves useful.

Decree of March 24, 1998 relating to the controlled labels of origin “Pauillac”, “Saint-Estèphe wine”, “Saint-Julien”, “Moulis”, “Medoc”, “High Medoc”, “Margaux” and “Listrac Medoc” - J.O n° 74 of March 28, 1998

Art 1st. -

Only to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” the wines are entitled which, answering the conditions enumerated below, were collected on the following territory, such as it was defined by the judgement of the court of dated November 29, 1926 Lesparre. Inside this territory, will be excluded from the right to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” the pieces located on modern alluvia and sands, on impermeable basements. LIEUX-DITSSEC-TIONCONTENANCENUMÉROSDESPARCELLEShaa.Ca.1° Pauillac. - All the Common commune2° of CissacLa GravetteB01500342 pLabrède-Cossieu025501264 p, 1265 pLes Ponyaux038502139 pMatrinD015409353° Common of Saint-JulienCartieuA01125170Cartieu02555172,173,174,175Montauban00570180p, 181,182pMontauban01770183Montauban03885185, 186, 187Montauban04310189, 190, 191Garics09830195Montauban89060211, 212Lalande04000213 pLalande05600214 pLes Cailloux36000241 p, 242 p4° Common of Saint-EstèpheLa ChapelleA03385991, 992 pBlanquetD46200667Blanquet0295668La Plagne0244011405° Commune of Saint-SauveurA JoulandeA0022079 Pa Joulande0031081pBessedeBenet11300366pLes RoyansB0019042 pLes Royans0056589 pCuiassan00060118 pLes Sablonats00325153 Pa Serious-of-Joulande00385168 Pa Pa Serious--Joulande00660179 Serious-with-Joulande02065216 pJoulande00280230 Pa Serious-to-Joulande00300238 p, 239 pPellegrue04650269 p, 270, 271272Pellegrue00750285 pLaborde00335299 pPré-with-Villot01290308 pRacinesse00990313 p, 314 pTeste-Guérin00775347 pLIEUX-DITSSEC-TIONCONTENANCENUMÉROSDESPARCELLESha.a.ca.Teste-Guérin06165352, 353, 354,355, 356Teste-Guérin00435359 pBéherré125900377, 378, 379,380, 381, 383 p384, 385 p, 386,387Lafosse01320405 pLafosse15035403, 406 p, 407 p408 p, 409 pLande-of-Lafosse01930411 p, 412, 413 pPeyrahaut05110419 p, 420 pPeyrahaut02760423, 424, 425SarabotB10110430 pSarabot01300431pSarabot01260431bispSarabot01070433bispHarguion01400437pHarguion00865441pHarguion00300458pHarguion01700477pRoussina03425487pEouhion00610510pEouhion00425559,560pTerre-Rouge00630583p, 590pLe Basta00225618 pLe Figuier00320649 pLe Figuier00220663 pLe course of haut00260723 pLe course of haut00440724 (a), 725Le course of haut00340757 pLe course of haut00130759 pLe course of haut00125760 pLe course of haut00240763 pGraville00295796 pLandet00370822 pLa JoualleC0062043Bernedotte00685160Bernedotte00480171Bernedotte00105201 pLavignette00450266 pCerigey00670269 p, 270 pCerigey04135276, 277, 278 p280 pPeyrehaut00800289Peyrehaut00650292Peyrehaut00570298 pMadrac03000328Madrac03800342 pHaut-Madrac24900369 pPlantier of LieujeanD0836039 pLIEUX-DITSSEC-TIONCONTENANCENUMÉROSDESPARCELLESha.a.ca.Lieujean1160054 pCantelande2208055 p, 56 pPouyeau00700254 pGuitey00310287 pGlomeauE00475519 pLa Carrière02090311 p, 312 p, 318pFaugueyraF00770349 pLapiéeG428851047 p The layout of the surface of production thus defined will be deferred on the cadrastal map of the common interested parties by the experts appointed by the management committee of the national committee of the labels of origin. The plan, established by their care, will be, after approval by the national committee, deposited with the town hall of the common interested parties before June 1, 1937.

Art 2. -

The wines being entitled to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” will have obligatorily to come from following type of vines, other than all others: Cabernet sauvignon Cabernet frank, Carmenère, Merlot, Malbec and Small-Verdot. The Large-Verdot type of vine is not authorized any more in the new plantations of vines intended for the production of the wine with appellation contrôlée “Pauillac”; within ten year from the promulgation of this decree, it must be removed encépagement. (Supplemented, D. Dec 26, 1960, art 1st) - From harvest 1961, any wine producer of the appellation contrôlée defined by this decree having in his exploitation of the pieces located in the delimited surface and containing hybrids will not be able to assert the right has this name.

Art 3. -

(Modified D. Oct 29, 1955, art 3) - the wines being entitled to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” will have obligatorily to come from musts containing before any enrichment or concentration at least 178 grams of natural sugar per liter and to present after fermentation a minimum alcoholic strength of 10° 5.

Art 4. -

(Modified, D. March 22, 1983) - the basic output aimed to the article 1st of the decree n° 74.872 of October 19 is fixed at 45 hl per hectare of vine in production. (Modified, D.87-854 of October 22, 1987) - the benefit of the controlled label of origin “Pauillac” can be granted to the wines coming from the young vines only as from the second year following that during which the plantation was carried out places from there before August 31.

Art 5. -

(Replaced, D. March 24, 1998) - the vines producing the wines with controlled label of origin “Pauillac” must be cut and planted in accordance with the following provisions. The density of plantation must be 6.500 to 10.000 feet with the hectare. The only authorized modes of size are: - size with cots and astes, the stock having two astes in five eyes maximum for the cabernet-sauvignon, the malbec, the merlot and small the verdot and in seven eyes maximum for the frank cabernet and the carmenère. The cots of return being cut to a ? it, an additional growth called “indent” could be kept carrying two or three buttons to the maximum, but this mode of size will not have to affect more than 25% of stocks of the vineyard of the same owner; - size with cots with 2 cords, or in range with 4 arms, increasing a maximum number of 12 eyes by stock, whatever the type of vine.

Art 6. -

(Modified, D. Nov 11, 1941) - the grape harvest will have to be made with good maturity. The wine making will have to be in conformity with the local practice, the surpressurage being prohibited. The practice of picking off will have to be applied. The nologic practices ? in conformity with the laws and decrees in force are authorized. (Addition, D. Oct 29, 1955, art 4) - Only will be able to profit from the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” the wines having obtained a certificate of quality issued, after tasting, by a commission indicated by the national Institute of the labels of origin, on a proposal from the agricultural and wine trade union of Pauillac. Rules of procedure of the trade union, approved by the national Institute of the labels of origin, determine the procedure to be followed for the delivery of the certificate of quality. [These provisions were supplemented by the decree n° 74.871 of October 19.] The wines being entitled to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac” could be put in circulation only from March 1 year which follows that of harvest.

Art 7. -

The wines for which, under the present decree, the appellation contrôlée will be asserted “Pauillac” could not be declared after harvest, be offered to the public, be dispatched, put on sale or be sold without in the declaration of harvest, in the advertisements, on the leaflets unspecified labels, containers, the label of origin referred to above being accompanied by the mention “appellation contrôlée” in very apparent characters.

Art 8. -

The use of any indication or any sign likely to make believe in the purchaser that a wine is entitled to the appellation contrôlée “Pauillac”, whereas it does not answer all the conditions fixed by this decree, will be continued in accordance with the general legislation on the frauds and the protection of the art, labels of origin (L. August 1, 1905 1st and 2; L. May 6, 1919, art 8; D. August 19, 1921, art 13), without damage of the sanctions of a tax nature, if it is necessary. Warning: Information pré senté be on this site are the subject of a clause of nonresponsabilité INAO_19361114_6902/11/2006 Downloadable document: AOC_Pauillac_-_1998.doc